Reaction cross section of proton scattering consistent with PREX-II

Tomotsugu Wakasa, Shingo Tagami, Jun Matsui, Masanobu Yahiro, Maya Takechi

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Background: The neutron skin thickness RskinPV of PREX-II is presented in Adhikari et al. (2021). The reaction cross section σR is useful to determine the matter radius Rm and Rskin. For proton scattering, the reaction cross section σR are available for Elab˜>400MeV. Methods and results: We determine Rnexp=5.727±0.071 fm and Rmexp=5.617±0.044 fm from Rpexp = 5.444 fm and RskinPV. The RpGHFB calculated with Gongny-D1S HFB (GHFB) with the angular momentum projection (AMP) agrees with Rpexp. The neutron density calculated with GHFB+AMP is scaled so as to Rnscaling=5.727 fm. The Love-Franey t-matrix model with the scaled densities reproduces the data on σR. Aim: Our aim is to find the σR of proton scattering consistent with RskinPV. Conclusion: The σR of proton scattering consistent with RskinPV are σRexp at Elab=534.1,549,806MeV.

Original languageEnglish
Article number104749
JournalResults in Physics
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2021

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