Plasma current start-up experiments without the central solenoid in the TST-2 spherical tokamak

Y. Takase, A. Ejiri, S. Shiraiwa, Y. Adachi, N. Ishii, H. Kasahara, H. Nuga, Y. Ono, T. Oosako, M. Sasaki, Y. Shimada, N. Sumitomo, I. Taguchi, H. Tojo, J. Tsujimura, M. Ushigome, T. Yamada, K. Hanada, M. Hasegawa, H. IdeiK. Nakamura, M. Sakamoto, K. Sasaki, K. N. Sato, H. Zushi, N. Nishino, O. Mitarai

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Several techniques for initiating the plasma current without the use of the central solenoid are being developed in TST-2. While TST-2 was temporarily located at Kyushu University, two types of start-up scenarios were demonstrated. (1) A plasma current of 4 kA was generated and sustained for 0.28 s by either electron cyclotron wave or electron Bernstein wave, without induction. (2) A plasma current of 10 kA was obtained transiently by induction using only outboard poloidal field coils. In the second scenario, it is important to supply sufficient power for ionization (100 kW of EC power was sufficient in this case), since the vertical field during start-up is not adequate to maintain plasma equilibrium. In addition, electron heating experiments using the X-B mode conversion scenario were performed, and a heating efficiency of 60% was observed at a 100 kW RF power level. TST-2 is now located at the Kashiwa Campus of the University of Tokyo. Significant upgrades were made in both magnetic coil power supplies and RF systems, and plasma experiments have restarted. RF power of up to 400 kW is available in the high-harmonic fast wave frequency range around 20 MHz. Four 200 MHz transmitters are now being prepared for plasma current start-up experiments using RF power in the lower-hybrid frequency range. Preparations are in progress for a new plasma merging experiment (UTST) aimed at the formation and sustainment of ultra-high β ST plasmas.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberS05
Pages (from-to)S598-S602
JournalNuclear Fusion
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - Aug 1 2006

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
  • Condensed Matter Physics


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