Origin of zircon in jadeitite from the nishisonogi metamorphic rocks, kyushu, japan

Y. Mori, Y. Orihashi, T. Miyamoto, K. Shimada, M. Shigeno, T. Nishiyama

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On the basis of internal structures, laser ablation U-Pb ages and trace element compositions, the origin of zircon in jadeitite in the Nishisonogi metamorphic rocks was examined. The zircon comprises euhedral zoned cores overgrown by euhedral rims. The cores contain inclusions of muscovite, quartz, albite and possibly K-feldspar, yield 238U-206Pb ages of 126±6Ma (±2SD, n=45, MSWD=1.0), and have Th/U ratios of 0.48-1.64. The rims contain inclusions of jadeite, yield 238U-206Pb ages of 84±6Ma (±2SD, n=14, MSWD=1.1), and have Th/U ratios of <0.06. The cores are richer in Y, Th, Ti and rare earth elements (REEs), but the rims are richer in Hf and U. Chondrite-normalized REE patterns of the cores indicate higher SmN/LaN ratios, lower YbN/GdN ratios and larger positive Ce anomalies compared with those of the rims. Thus, the cores and rims have different 238U-206Pb ages and trace element compositions, suggesting two stages of zircon growth. Although the 238U-206Pb ages of the rims are consistent with the reported 40Ar/39Ar spot-fusion ages of matrix muscovite in the jadeitite, the 238U-206Pb ages of the cores are older. The mineral inclusions and high Th/U ratios in the cores are best explained by crystallization from felsic magma. Therefore, the cores are considered relicts from igneous precursor rocks. The rims surrounding the inherited cores possibly precipitated from aqueous fluids during jadeitite formation. The elevated U concentrations in the rims suggest that infiltration of external fluids was responsible for the precipitation. This study provides an example of jadeitite formation by metasomatic replacement of a protolith.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)673-684
Number of pages12
JournalJournal of Metamorphic Geology
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2011

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