Omega-omega interaction from 2+1-flavor lattice quantum chromodynamics

Masanori Yamada, Kenji Sasaki, Sinya Aoki, Takumi Doi, Tetsuo Hatsuda, Yoichi Ikeda, Takashi Inoue, Noriyoshi Ishii, Keiko Murano, Hidekatsu Nemura

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We investigate the interaction between Ω baryons in the 1S0 channel from 2+1-flavor lattice quantum chromodynamics (QCD) simulations. On the basis of the HAL QCD method, the ΩΩ potential is extracted from the Nambu-Bethe-Salpeter wave function calculated on the lattice by using the PACS-CS gauge configurations with a lattice spacing of a ≃ 0.09 fm, a lattice volume of L ≃ 2.9 fm, and quark masses corresponding to mπ ≃ 700MeV and mΩ ≃ 1970MeV. The ΩΩ potential has a repulsive core at short distances and an attractive well at intermediate distances. Accordingly, the phase shift obtained from the potential shows moderate attraction at low energies. Our data indicate that the ΩΩ system with the present quark masses may appear close to the unitary limit where the scattering length diverges.

Original languageEnglish
Article number071B01
JournalProgress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2015
Externally publishedYes

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