Near-Infrared Polarimetric Image Sensors Based on Ordered Sulfur-Passivation GaSb Nanowire Arrays

Kai Zhang, Zhihui Ren, Huichen Cao, Lingling Li, Ying Wang, Wei Zhang, Yubao Li, Haitao Yang, You Meng, Johnny C. Ho, Zhongming Wei, Guozhen Shen

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The near-infrared polarimetric image sensor has a wide range of applications in the military and civilian fields, thus developing into a research hotspot in recent years. Because of their distinguishing 1D structure features, the ordered GaSb nanowire (NW) arrays possess potential applications for near-infrared polarization photodetection. In this work, single-crystalline GaSb NWs are synthesized through a sulfur-catalyzed chemical vapor deposition process. A sulfur-passivation thin layer is formed on the NW surface, which prevents the GaSb NW core from being oxidized. The photodetector based on sulfur-passivation GaSb (S-GaSb) NWs has a lower dark current and higher responsivity than that built with pure GaSb NWs. The photodetector exhibits a large responsivity of 9.39 × 102 A/W and an ultrahigh detectivity of 1.10 × 1011 Jones for 1.55 μm incident light. Furthermore, the dichroic ratio of the device is measured to reach 2.65 for polarized 1.55 μm light. Through a COMSOL simulation, it is elucidated that the origin of the polarized photoresponse is the attenuation of a light electric field inside the NW when the angle of incident polarization light rotates. Moreover, a flexible polarimetric image sensor with 5 × 5 pixels is successfully constructed on the ordered S-GaSb NW arrays, and it exhibits a good imaging ability for incident near-infrared polarization light. These good photoresponse properties and polarized imaging abilities can empower ordered S-GaSb NW arrays with technological potentials in next-generation large-scale near-infrared polarimetric imaging sensors.

Original languageEnglish
JournalACS nano
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2022
Externally publishedYes

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