Myocardial protective effect of lidocaine during experimental off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting.

Kazuhiro Hinokiyama, Nobuo Hatori, Masami Ochi, Tadaaki Maehara, Shigeo Tanaka

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Off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting (OPCABG) has recently gained popularity. During OPCABG, patients remain vulnerable to ischemic-reperfusion injury due to a temporary coronary occlusion without any active cardioprotection. Some strategies such as ischemic preconditioning (IP) and an intracoronary shunt have been applied with a view to minimizing the effects of ischemia, but the effects of these strategies remain controversial. This study was carried out to investigate the protective effect of lidocaine against myocardial ischemic-reperfusion injury. Twenty-one pigs were assigned to three groups, each consisting of seven pigs. In the control group, using a left internal thoracic artery (LITA) bypass circuit, the left anterior descending coronary artery (LAD) was occluded for 45 min followed by two hours of reperfusion. In the IP group, five min of occlusion followed by 15 min of reperfusion was performed. In the lidocaine group, 2 mg/kg of lidocaine was administered directly into the LAD just before the LAD occlusion. Infarct size expressed as a percentage of the area at risk was significantly smaller in the lidocaine group (2.7+/-4.2%) than in the control group (79.9+/-6.0%, p<0.001) or the IP group (57.0+/-25.9%, p<0.001). Lidocaine exhibited a potent myocardial protective effect in the present OPCABG model.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)36-42
Number of pages7
JournalAnnals of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery : official journal of the Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons of Asia
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2003
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