Mixed-Dimensional Anti-ambipolar Phototransistors Based on 1D GaAsSb/2D MoS2Heterojunctions

Wei Wang, Weijun Wang, You Meng, Quan Quan, Zhengxun Lai, Dengji Li, Pengshan Xie, Sen Po Yip, Xiaolin Kang, Xiuming Bu, Dong Chen, Chuntai Liu, Johnny C. Ho

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The incapability of modulating the photoresponse of assembled heterostructure devices has remained a challenge for the development of optoelectronics with multifunctionality. Here, a gate-tunable and anti-ambipolar phototransistor is reported based on 1D GaAsSb nanowire/2D MoS2 nanoflake mixed-dimensional van der Waals heterojunctions. The resulting heterojunction shows apparently asymmetric control over the anti-ambipolar transfer characteristics, possessing potential to implement electronic functions in logic circuits. Meanwhile, such an anti-ambipolar device allows the synchronous adjustment of band slope and depletion regions by gating in both components, thereby giving rise to the gate-tunability of the photoresponse. Coupled with the synergistic effect of the materials in different dimensionality, the hybrid heterojunction can be readily modulated by the external gate to achieve a high-performance photodetector exhibiting a large on/off current ratio of 4 × 104, fast response of 50 μs, and high detectivity of 1.64 × 1011 Jones. Due to the formation of type-II band alignment and strong interfacial coupling, a prominent photovoltaic response is explored in the heterojunction as well. Finally, a visible image sensor based on this hybrid device is demonstrated with good imaging capability, suggesting the promising application prospect in future optoelectronic systems.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)11036-11048
Number of pages13
JournalACS nano
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Jul 26 2022

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