Micromechanical modelling of viscous sintering and a constitutive equation with sintering stress

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The sintering stress is defined for viscous sintering, where the deformation of particles takes place, and its magnitude is computed by the viscoplastic finite element method using a micromechanical model. The computed sintering stress is compared with existing models for other sintering mechanisms. Although modelling of the sintering process is different, a similar tendency of the change in sintering stress with densification is observed. The influence of the sintering mechanism on the sintering stress is discussed. A constitutive law is developed by introducing the sintering stress, approximated by a simple equation, into the constitutive equation for viscous porous materials and applied to the sintering of polycrystalline materials. Grain boundary diffusion and grain growth are taken into consideration through the viscosity in the constitutive equation. The sintering curve calculated by the constitutive equation shows good agreement with the experimental data.

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JournalComputational Materials Science
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1999
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