Measurement of angular correlations in the (n, γ) reaction for T Violation Search

T. Okudaira, H. M. Shimizu, M. Kitaguchi, K. Hirota, S. Takada, T. Yamamoto, A. Okada, T. Yoshioka, T. Ino, K. Sakai, K. Asahi, T. Momose, T. Iwata, M. Hino, T. Shima, Y. Yamagata

Research output: Contribution to journalConference articlepeer-review


Large enhanced P-violations was discovered in several compound nuclei. A mechanism of P-violation can be applied to enhancement of T-violation in compound nucleus. We plan the experiment for sensitive T-violation search, however, the mechanism of P-violation(s-p mixing) has not been verified in detail yet and the spin factor K(J) has not been measured in candidate nuclei for T-violation search. We need to measure angular distributions in the (n, y) reaction for verification of s-p mixing and determination of K(J) as a feasibility study for the T-violation search. The (n,γ) reaction of 139La which is one of the candidate nuclei was measured with 4π germanium spectrometer in J-PARC/MLF/ANNRI. A neutron spectrum and a γ-ray spectrum for 139La was obtained.

Original languageEnglish
Article number188
JournalProceedings of Science
Publication statusPublished - 2016
Event26th International Nuclear Physics Conference, INPC 2016 - Adelaide, Australia
Duration: Sept 11 2016Sept 16 2016

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