Magnetically Responsive Polymer Network Constructed by Poly(acrylic acid) and Holmium

Michinari Kohri, Kenshi Yanagimoto, Kotona Kohaku, Shohei Shiomoto, Motoyasu Kobayashi, Akira Imai, Fumiyuki Shiba, Tatsuo Taniguchi, Keiki Kishikawa

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Holmium (Ho), one of the lanthanide elements, shows a high magnetic moment. Here we present a simple, yet highly potential approach for preparing polymer-based magnetic materials from a three-dimensional polymer network composed with poly(acrylic acid) and Ho showing trivalent nature. We have successfully prepared a magnetic polymer network that reacts directly to a magnet by three-dimensionally immobilizing Ho in the polymer matrix. The present method allowed a preparation of wide range of magnetic materials using polymeric scaffolds, e.g., polymer-grafted particles and cross-linked polymer gels. As a result of the high Ho content, these materials responded quickly to the magnet. The discovery of a method to prepare magnetic materials will provide flexibility in materials design and greatly expand the scope of application of magnetic materials.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)6740-6745
Number of pages6
Issue number17
Publication statusPublished - Sept 11 2018
Externally publishedYes

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  • Organic Chemistry
  • Polymers and Plastics
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Materials Chemistry


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