Localization of 67 exons on a YAC contig spanning 1.5 Mb around the multidrug resistance gene region of human chromosome 7q21.1

Kiyoyuki Torigoe, Taishi Harada, Hitoshi Kusaba, Takeshi Uchiumi, Kimitoshi Kohno, Eric D. Green, Stephen W. Scherer, Lap Chee Tsui, David Schlessinger, Michihiko Kuwano, Morimasa Wada

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A contig of 21 nonchimeric yeast artificial chromosomes (YACs) was previously assembled across 1.5 Mb of the multidrug resistance (MDR) gene (PGY1 and PGY3) region of human chromosome 7q21.1. This region of the human genome has now been subjected to exon amplification to detect the presence of additional genes. Exon trapping was performed directly on the YACs. Sixty- seven gene fragments were isolated and characterized by sequence analysis and comparison with public databases. The localization of these exons in the 1.5- Mb region was determined by hybridization to YAC clones, and they were localized in 11 subregions of YAC contigs. The exon collection includes 21 exons that were identical to known cDNA sequences of PGY1, PGY3, sorcin (SRI), the cDNA similar to the δ subunit of the human amiloride-sensitive Na+ channel (SCNED), and 4 cDNAs with unknown function; 43 exons that showed homology/similarity to known cDNA sequences of mouse DMP1, rat COT, mouse and human NADHD, human MDC, 3 cDNAs encoding possible membrane proteins, and 21 other cDNAs; and 3 exons that shared no homology/similarity with any sequence in public databases. The nucleotide sequences of all the PGY1 and PGY3 exons were identical to the corresponding cDNA sequences previously determined, and these exons were localized to the expected positions on the appropriate YAC clones. No other member of the MDR gene family thus appeared to be present in the 1.5-Mb region. The integrated physical and exon maps should prove valuable for both fine mapping and determination of a complete gene map of this segment of the genome.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)14-22
Number of pages9
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Apr 1 1998
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