Translated title of the contribution: Wind Turbine Control Based on Large-Eddy Simulation Results and Its Economic Effects

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At the Atsumi Wind Farm in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, damage to wind turbines occurred frequently due to terrain-induced turbulence. In the present study, numerical wind diagnoses (analyses of terrain-induced turbulence) were conducted by reproducing the topography in the vicinity of the wind turbine sites in high resolution and using RIAM-COMPACTR natural terrain version, which is based on large eddy simulation (LES). The results of the diagnoses indicated that, in the case of east southeast wind, terrain-induced turbulence is generated at a small terrain feature located upstream of Wind Turbine No.2, which serves as the origin of the turbulence. The generated turbulence strongly affects the wind turbine, causing the wind speed and direction at the wind turbine site to change significantly with time. At the Atsumi Wind Farm, a combination of the series of wind diagnoses and on-site operation experience led to a decision to adopt an "automatic shutdown program" for WTs No.1 and No.2. Here, "automatic shutdown program" refers to the automatic suspension of wind turbine operation upon the wind speed and direction meeting the conditions associated with significant effects of terrain-induced turbulence at a wind turbine site. The adoption of the "automatic shutdown program" has successfully resulted in a large reduction in the number of occurrences of wind turbine damage, thus, creating major positive economic effects. Specifically, the following economic effects have been realized based on converting the performance of the two wind turbines combined from the two years preceding and the two years following the adoption of the "automatic shutdown program" into the performance of a single wind turbine per year: 1) a reduction in the repair costs by 9.322 million yen per year per wind turbine, 2) an increase in the availability by 8.05 %, and 3) an increase in the capacity factor by 1.70 %.
Translated title of the contributionWind Turbine Control Based on Large-Eddy Simulation Results and Its Economic Effects
Original languageJapanese
Pages (from-to)A_61-A_68
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2015


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