Lawyers’ Views on Autonomous Driving

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The sharing of vehicles is likely to lead to less human drivers. When multiple passengers synchronously or asynchronously share one vehicle, what they want to use is the vehicle. The sharing of vehicular resources inevitably involves autonomous driving technology as it is an important element. The development of full autonomous driving on public roads is still on its way. At this stage, we should consider how we can achieve safe and user friendly autonomous driving on public roads. So, the current issue must be who can effectively prevent traffic incidents and accidents involving autonomous driving by investing financial, human, and technological resources. Safe autonomous driving is a product of a well-organized network system. The importance of telecommunication predicts that telecom and network service industries will play major roles in realizing safe road traffic involving autonomous driving. If lawyers discuss the allocation of cost caused by traffic incidents or accidents involving autonomous driving without considering the involvement of telecom and network service industries, it simply shows the carelessness of lawyers. Autonomous driving is the way to realize the sharing of surplus resources, which have been unused or wasted, by means of aggressive involvement of information and communication technology (ICT).

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