Land use and composition of homestead forests

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    The Teknaf peninsula is experiencing a decline in its natural resources, which are being used to support the local population and ecology. Forest destruction is a particularly serious problem in the area. Every household has a homestead, which is an important indicator of an improved local lifestyle. This chapter examines the land use and composition of homesteads in the village of Marishbunia, which is located in the western coast of the Teknaf peninsula. As a first step, it presents a mapping of the general land use and vegetation in this village based on a survey covering 46 short transects lines. High-resolution satellite images of the area were also analyzed. The results of our mapping of general land use indicated the following sequence of vegetation from the coast extending to the hilltop: Sand, windbreak, farmland, the main road and homestead gardens, betel leaf fields, social forests, sungrass fields, and mantle communities around hillsides and on hilltops. The destruction of national forests is thought to be increasing because of wood and grass harvesting. On the other hand, homestead gardens provide valuable vegetation, including tall trees in this region. To develop an understanding of the homestead lifestyle and vegetative environment, seven homesteads were selected for a survey conducted on the social dimensions, vegetation, and number of trees with a diameter at breast height (DBH) of more than 5 cm. A total of 193 species were identified, of which 44 occurred in more than 50% of the surveyed homesteads. Because betel nut cultivation seems to be on the rise, there should be greater emphasis on diversifying tree plantations.

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