Jovian outpost establishment trajectory design

Ridanto E. Poetro, Tetsuo Yasaka, Toshiya Hanada, Hiroshi Hirayama

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In the future, international colaboration to establish an outpost in Jovian system is predicted. With the outpost, an ultimate exploration and exploitation of the Jovian system as replica of the solar system can be secured with potential to extend the exploration to further destination of the solar system or beyond. Use of current technology for the outpost establishment assessment is performed with outpost main base location at low Callisto orbit. The base consists of propellant production facilities, nuclear power units, communications equipment, rocket engines, spare parts, and all science laboratories/probes to be dispatched to Ganymede, Europa, Io, and Jupiter, with mass up to 1000 ton. The base construction requires multiple launches, distributed in 30 years (2030-2060) with various gravity assist paths involving Venus and Earth. Multiple gravity assist launch opportunities are searched by an automated zero sphere of influence patched conic program. Without considering any deep space maneuver, low energy trajectories do exist for almost every year with transfer time up to 12 years. A scenario of orbit insertion employing Galilean moons gravity assist enables reasonable number of required flight per year. Development of nuclear-powered electric propulsion will reach maturity by 2030 and would replace multiple gravity assist option with more payload capability and less flight time. Double the payload capability with half flight time of the conventional way can achieve is estimated.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2005
EventInternational Astronautical Federation - 56th International Astronautical Congress 2005 - Fukuoka, Japan
Duration: Oct 17 2005Oct 21 2005


OtherInternational Astronautical Federation - 56th International Astronautical Congress 2005

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  • Space and Planetary Science
  • Aerospace Engineering


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