Is double-balloon colonoscopy a better aid to unskilled colonoscopists than conventional colonoscopy?

Risa Okamoto, Yasuaki Motomura, Kazuya Akahoshi, Yumi Kashiwabara, Shingo Endo, Naomi Higucchi, Manami Oda, Masaru Kubokawa, Noriaki Matsui, Kazuhiko Nakamura, Ryoichi Takayanagi

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To compare the clinical outcome of double-balloon colonoscopy (DBC) with conventional colonoscopy (CC) for colon evaluation performed by an unskilled colonoscopist. Between June 2008 and November 2008, 1544 colonoscopies were performed in our hospital. Fifty-eight patients, (29 male and 29 female ; 19-86 years; mean age, 63 years) involving 60 intubations, were enrolled in this study and were assigned randomly to the DBC or CC group. One first-year GI fellow was enrolled and performed these 60 consecutive colonoscopies (30 DBCs, 30 CCs). Completion rate of colonoscopy, cecal intubation time, and rate of analgesic agent usage were analyzed. Completion of DBC was 100% (30/30), while completion of CC was 73% (22/30). There was a statistically significant difference (p < 0.05). The mean cecal intubation time was 36.2 +/- 14.4 minutes (DBC) and 36.5 +/- 15.2 minutes (CC). There was no statistically significant difference. Analgesic agent was used with 19 intubations (63%) (DBC) and with 27 intubations (90%) (CC) (p < 0.05). For inexpert endoscopists, using DBC has a higher rate of effectiveness than using CC and can decrease the discomfort of patients during colonoscopic procedures.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)333-340
Number of pages8
JournalFukuoka igaku zasshi = Hukuoka acta medica
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2011

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