Investigation on the engineering effects of the geometrical configuration of the jacking rectangular pipe

Peng Ma, Hideki Shimada, Takashi Sasaoka, Dyson N. Moses, Fumihiko Matsumoto, Xuehua Chen

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For rectangular pipe-jacking construction, the primary priorities of smooth construction include minimizing the ground response and designating the appropriate jacking force to achieve the best results in environmental protection and energy conservation. The geometric cross-section design of the jacking rectangular pipe and its engineering performances such as the ground surface displacement, the jacking force consumption, and the stress-bearing state are easy to be ignored in the field construction. In this paper, the ground response characteristics under four kinds of rectangular pipe aspect ratio (H/W) with the same utilization cross-section area were investigated by using the calibrated finite element method (FEM) based on a case study conducted in Japan. The theoretical jacking force of each pipe section design was calculated and compared to provide a reference for long-distance or large-section jacking conditions. The stress-bearing state of each pipe was considered under different buried depths. The results show that the ground surface response decreases while the jacking force increases with increasing the aspect ratios. Thus, a reasonable design of the rectangular pipe section should comprehensively consider the influence of geometric effects on the ground and its stress-bearing state during the jacking construction. The findings of this study provide a practical reference for the safe and economic design of the jacking rectangular pipe and engineering management.

Original languageEnglish
Article number104239
JournalTunnelling and Underground Space Technology
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2022

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  • Building and Construction
  • Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology


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