Investigation of the design direction of vehicle door-closing sounds

Masayuki Takada, Shinji Sakamoto, Shin ichiro Iwamiya

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    Vehicle door-closing sounds affect the commercial value of vehicles. In our previous study, factors affecting the value evaluation of door-closing sounds and the structure of the evaluation were investigated. Although we obtained major factors and structures, details such as differences in factors among door-closing sounds and differences due to participants’ preferences were not considered. To clarify such details, psychoacoustical experiments using the evaluation grid method were conducted in the present study. Pairs of door-closing sounds were presented to participants. Participants were asked to select the more satisfactory stimulus and to give reasons for their selection so as to clarify original evaluation factors (i.e., perspectives in evaluation). Furthermore, to elicit factors relevant to the obtained evaluation factors, participants were asked the reason why they provided the original evaluation factors and their detailed concrete requirements of door-closing sounds. Text mining was applied to participants’ answers. In the beginning of analysis, we attached tags such as stimuli (what kinds of stimuli were described), negative/positive (whether answers were given in the positive context or not) and enthusiastic/unenthusiastic feelings about cars (whether answers were given by car enthusiasts or not) to all answers. Correspondence analysis was applied to the sentence-word (tag) table obtained by the text-mining procedure. As a result, a two-dimensional solution displaying relationships in terms of location among words and tags was obtained. Furthermore, through hierarchical cluster analysis, words and tags were classified into five clusters. One of the clusters comprised the tag “positive” and words such as “heavy”, “solidly made”, “low pitch” and “bass”. Such relationships were similar to major structures of the value evaluation obtained in our previous study. Results also revealed relationships concerning other tags. Words related to tags such as “positive” and “enthusiastic” are supposed to indicate the design direction of door-closing sounds.

    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2017
    Event46th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering: Taming Noise and Moving Quiet, INTER-NOISE 2017 - Hong Kong, China
    Duration: Aug 27 2017Aug 30 2017


    Other46th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering: Taming Noise and Moving Quiet, INTER-NOISE 2017
    CityHong Kong

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    • Acoustics and Ultrasonics


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