Intermittent addition of HGF and TGF-β1 in rat primary hepatocyte culture

Ryuji Hamamoto, Masamichi Kamihira, Shinji Iijima

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The effects of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) and transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β) on two morphological states of hepatocytes in monolayer and spheroid cultures, were examined in terms of their mitogenic ability and albumin expression. In monolayer culture on collagen-coated dishes, the increase in DNA content in the presence of HGF was observed when HGF was added within two days of cell isolation, whereas no increase in DNA was observed when HGF was added four days of cell isolation. DNA content increased even after four days, when HGF was added intermittently. On the other hand, spheroid formation was promoted on Primaria® dishes in HGF-free culture, whereas it was inhibited following the addition of HGF. No increase in DNA content was observed in spheroid cultures even in the presence of HGF throughout the culture period. The albumin production ability rapidly decreased in monolayer culture, but the decline was attenuated following the addition of HGF during the course of culture. A high albumin production ability was maintained independent of HGF supplementation in spheroid culture. Both DNA content and albumin production decreased rapidly following the addition of TGF-β1 in monolayer culture, and this decline was also attenuated following the addition of HGF to the medium.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)111-121
Number of pages11
Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - 1999
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