Hydroelastic response analysis of a large underwater shell of revolution

Kazutaka Toyota, Yukitaka Yasuzawa, Koji Kagawa

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Static and dynamic responses of underwater structures which might be used as LNG storages or underwater stations have been studied by the authors recently for one of the structural feasibility studies. Research on submerged axisymmetric shells such as cylindrical, hemisphere, or drop shaped shells is needed for realization in the future, because they are very useful and rational structural system as marine structures. Half Drop-shaped shells are optimum-shaped shell structures, in which the membrane stresses in the shells caused by hydrostatic pressure is uniform. Furthermore the authors have been studying dynamic characteristics of axisymmetric underwater shells with the effect of added mass of water experimentally and numerically in order to study the dynamic problems such as seismic response. As the result, the dynamic characteristics of the shells neglecting the influence of water waves on free surface has been clarified. But effect of water waves induced by dynamic motion and deformation of the shell have to be considered as the next step of the study for precise prediction of dynamic response of the underwater shell. Then, it is necessary to solve the hydroelastic problems of underwater shells of revolution by analyzing diffraction problem and radiation problem with waves. In the present report, firstly we have developed a numerical code, in which finite elements method for the structure and boundary element method for surrounding water, that is, the sea are used for analyzing diffraction and radiation problem of underwater shell of revolution in the sea. To compare with the results of our numerical code to the results of other paper, we have confirmed the validity of our code. Finally,the fluid velocity potential distribution of shell surface is obtained by the use of our code, and dynamic characteristics of axisymmetric underwater shell in random waves have been examined and discussed.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2002
EventProceedings of the Twelfth (2002) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference - Kitakyushu, Japan
Duration: May 26 2002May 31 2002


OtherProceedings of the Twelfth (2002) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference

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