Germ cell specification in mice

Katsuhiko Hayashi, Susana M.Chuva De Sousa Lopes, M. Azim Surani

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Specification of germ cells in mice occurs relatively late in embryonic development. It is initiated by signals that induce expression of Blimp1, a key regulator of the germ cell, in a few epiblast cells of early postimplantation embryos. Blimp1 represses the incipient somatic program in these cells and promotes progression toward the germ cell fate. Blimp1 may also have a role in the maintenance of early germ cell characteristics by ensuring their escape from the somatic fate as well as possible reversion to pluripotent stem cells.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)394-396
Number of pages3
Issue number5823
Publication statusPublished - Apr 20 2007
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