Generation of a rat monoclonal antibody specific for Pax7

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Pax7 is a nuclear localization protein, well known as a member of the paired box family. It is expressed at a very early stage of muscle differentiation and is also found in muscle satellite cells that are recognized as muscle stem cells. Pax7 is also recognized as a tumor cell marker since it is greatly expressed in various types of tumor cells. Pax7 has homology among other paired family members and is not easy to distinguish one from the others. In this study, we report on the establishment of monoclonal antibodies (MAb) against Pax7 using a rat medial iliac lymph node method. The quality of the antibody was examined by immunoblotting analysis. It was confirmed that the antibody can specifically recognize the Pax7 protein. It was also revealed that the MAb antibody successfully recognizes the nuclear localized Pax7 protein in Ewing's sarcoma cells by immunocytochemistry. The antibody can clearly show the regions of euchromatin and heterochromatin where hoechst is positive.

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