Gap modules for direct product groups

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Let G be a finite group. A gap G-module V is a finite dimensional real G-representation space satisfying the following two conditions: (1) The following strong gap condition holds: dim VP>2\dim VH for all P < H≤ G such that P is of prime power order, which is a sufficient condition to define a G-surgery obstruction group and a G-surgery obstruction. (2) V has only one H-fixed point 0 for all large subgroups H, namely H ∈ ℒmathscr(L)(G). A finite group G not of prime power order is called a gap group if there exists a gap G-module. We discuss the question when the direct product K× L is a gap group for two finite groups K and L. According to [(5)], if K and K× C2 are gap groups, so is K× L. In this paper, we prove that if K is a gap group, so is K× C2. Using [(5)], this allows us to show that if a finite group G has a quotient group which is a gap group, then G itself is a gap group. Also, we prove the converse: if K is not a gap group, then K× D2n is not a gap group. To show this we define a condition, called NGC, which is equivalent to the non-existence of gap modules.

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JournalJournal of the Mathematical Society of Japan
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Publication statusPublished - 2001

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