Functional integral approach to semi-relativistic Pauli-Fierz models

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    By means of functional integrations spectral properties of semi-relativistic Pauli-Fierz HamiltoniansH=(p-αA)2+m2-m+V+Hrad in quantum electrodynamics are considered. Here p is the momentum operator, A a quantized radiation field on which an ultraviolet cutoff is imposed, V an external potential, Hrad the free field Hamiltonian and m ≥ 0 describes the mass of electron. Two self-adjoint extensions of a semi-relativistic Pauli-Fierz Hamiltonian are defined. The Feynman-Kac type formula of e -t H is given. A self-adjointness, a spatial decay of bound states, a Gaussian domination of the ground state and the existence of a measure associated with the ground state are shown. All the results are independent of values of coupling constant α, and it is emphasized that m = 0 is included.

    Original languageEnglish
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    JournalAdvances in Mathematics
    Publication statusPublished - Jul 10 2014

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