Fracture property and fracture mechanism of PLLA/PBSC polymer blend

Mitsugu Todo, Ayako Harada, Kazuo Arakawa

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    PLLA/PBSC polymer blend was developed to improve the fracture property of PLLA. Fracture energy, J lmax, of PLLA/PBSC was evaluated, and compared with those of PLLA and PLLA/PCL blend. Dramatic improvement of J lmax was observed due to PBSC blending. Fracture surfaces were also observed using SEM, and ductile deformation of micro-fibrils was seen on the surfaces of the blends, compared to the brittle surface of PLLA. Miscibility of PLLA and PBSC appears to be much better than that of PLLA and PCL in which PCL spherulites are distributed in the continuous phase. Thus, the miscibility plays an important role in the improvement of fracture property of these biodegradable polymer blends.

    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages1
    Publication statusPublished - 2006
    Event55th SPSJ Annual Meeting - Nagoya, Japan
    Duration: May 24 2006May 26 2006


    Other55th SPSJ Annual Meeting

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    • General Engineering


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