Extension of the Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorem

Kiyohide Nomura, Junpei Morishige, Takaichi Isoyama

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Lieb, Schultz and Mattis (LSM) (1961 Ann. Phys., NY 16 407) studied the S = 1/2 XXZ spin chain. The theorems of LSM's paper can be applied to broader models. In the original LSM theorem the nonfrustrating system was assumed. However, reconsidering the LSM theorem, we can extend the LSM theorem for frustrating systems. Next, several researchers tried to extend the LSM theorem for excited states. In the cases , the lowest energy eigenvalues are continuous for wave number q. But we found that their proofs were insufficient, and improve upon them. In addition, we can prove the LSM theory without the assumption of the discrete symmetry, which means that LSM-type theorems are applicable for Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya type interactions or other nonsymmetric models.

Original languageEnglish
Article number375001
JournalJournal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
Issue number37
Publication statusPublished - Sept 18 2015

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  • Statistical and Nonlinear Physics
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