Exploring Eruptive Phenomena from Vesiculation and Crystallization

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The previous chapters explained the mechanism of each individual process (elementary process) involved in the vesiculation and crystallization of magma; the overall time evolution of the vesiculation process and the crystallization process comprising the elementary processes; the roles of physical properties in the processes; and shared the accuracy and limits of theoretical understanding compared with experiments. This chapter introduces the examples of interpreting the texture of volcanic products and readings of quantitative information from them by applying the understanding achieved to date. Keeping correspondence with eruption styles in mind, this chapter deals with actual data obtained from the texture analysis of eruptive products and applies the understanding achieved to date to the actual data to quantitatively understand eruptive phenomena in the order of explosive eruptions and nonexplosive eruptions. The last section describes the application to intrusions. Moreover, the bubble texture and crystalline texture are separately explained.

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