Executive summary: Japanese guidelines for atopic dermatitis (ADGL) 2021

Committee for Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Atopic Dermatitis 2021, The Japanese Society of Allergology, The Japanese Dermatology Association

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This is an abridged edition of English version of the Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Atopic Dermatitis 2021. Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a disease characterized by relapsing eczema with pruritus as a primary lesion. In Japan, from the perspective of evidence-based medicine, the current strategies for the treatment of AD consist of three primary measures: (i) use of topical corticosteroids, tacrolimus ointment, and delgocitinib ointment as the main treatment of the inflammation; (ii) topical application of emollients to treat the cutaneous barrier dysfunction; and (iii) avoidance of apparent exacerbating factors, psychological counseling, and advice about daily life. In the present revised guidelines, the description about three new drugs, namely, dupilumab, delgocitinib, and baricitinib, has been added. The guidelines present recommendations to review clinical research articles, evaluate the balance between the advantages and disadvantages of medical activities, and optimize medical activity-related patient outcomes with respect to several important points requiring decision-making in clinical practice.

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JournalAllergology International
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Publication statusPublished - Oct 2022

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