Evolutionary economic geography: Development path and perspectives

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The purpose of this study is to examine the development path of evolutionary economic geography and to consider its future perspectives from the main studies conducted in this area Evolutionary economics has developed arguments about "routines" as the key concept. Further, methodological variety and openness, which are features of evolutionary economics, have been adopted in evolutionary economic geography. Researchers in evolutionary economy geography have been interested in the evolution of the economic system in multispatial scales. This study also examined arguments related to the path dependency approach and generalized Darwinism approach. The former approach is discussed to rethink the association between path dependency and equilibrium/far from equilibrium, while the method of depicting regional development paths has developed. The latter approach is discussed based on the concept of biology, especially focusing on "related variety." In terms of the future perspectives on evolutionary economic geography, this paper suggests that it is essential to construct an intermediate concept that establishes a connection between theoretical and experimental studies, to document significant case studies, to reevaluate the existing research, and to deal with the evolution of various actors in multispatial scales.

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JournalGeographical Review of Japan, Series B
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2012
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