Energy deposition profile of shear Alfven wave heating

K. Itoh, S. I. Itoh

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The energy deposition profile of the shear Alfven wave in a cylindrical Tokamak is obtained. The radial propagation and the absorption are solved by use of the kinetic equations for collisionless inhomogeneous plasmas. The absorption is mainly by electron Landau damping, and occurs not only at the resonance surface, k/sub ///(r)vA(r)= omega , but also in the propagation region, mod r/sub ///(r) mod VA(r)>or approximately= omega <or approximately= mod k/sub ///(r) mod ve(r) (V A:Alfven velocity, ve:electron thermal velocity, k/sub ///:parallel wave number and omega :frequency). The parameter dependence is studied and the magnetic shear and plasma profiles have important roles for the deposition profile. Efficient heating is possible if the condition k/sub ///VA approximately= omega is widely satisfied in the propagation region. The bulk heating does not always correspond to good antenna coupling, which often causes an unfavourable edge heating. For some typical parameters the energy input W approximately 1 W cm-3 is expected when the wave amplitude Br is several gauss.

Original languageEnglish
Article number007
Pages (from-to)1037-1049
Number of pages13
JournalPlasma Physics
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 1983
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