Electron temperature measurement on QUEST spherical tokamak by thomson scattering system

Takashi Yamaguchi, Akira Ejiri, Junichi Hiratsuka, Makoto Hasegawa, Yoshihiko Nagashima, Kazumichi Narihara, Yuichi Takase, Hideki Zushi

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On QUEST, we are carrying out the steady state operation by RF current drive. A Thomson scattering (TS) system has been constructed to measure the plasma electron temperature. This system consists of a Nd:YAG laser of energy 1.65 J, a spherical mirror for collection of the scattering light, and a polychromator for spectroscopy. Because the Thomson scattering signal is weak for the low-density RF-sustained plasma, many scattering pulse signals were accumulated from steady-state plasmas. Electron temperature profiles were obtained for the steadystate spherical tokamak (ST) plasma for the first time. Six spatial points were measured by moving the fiber position, and the plasma electron temperature was in the range 10-500 eV.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1302001
JournalPlasma and Fusion Research
Issue number2013
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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  • Condensed Matter Physics


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