Effect of instillation of eyedrops for dry eye on optical quality

Shizuka Koh, Naoyuki Maeda, Chikako Ikeda, Yoshihiro Takai, Hisataka Fujimoto, Yoshinori Oie, Takeshi Soma, Motokazu Tsujikawa, Kohji Nishida

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PURPOSE. To investigate the effects of viscosity and suspensibility of eyedrops for dry eye by evaluating an eyedrop with one of the solutions or no solution (0.3% sodium hyaluronate ophthalmic solution, 3% diquafosol ophthalmic solution, and 2% rebamipide ophthalmic suspension) on ocular higher-order aberrations (HOAs) and forward light scatter. METHODS. We evaluated ocular HOAs and forward light scatter before and 1, 5, and 10 minutes after instillation of three eyedrops for dry eye in 15 healthy subjects. Saline served as the control. The HOAs were measured for a 4-mm pupil using a wavefront sensor. The obtained aberration data were analyzed in the central 4-mm diameter for total HOAs up to the sixthorder Zernike polynomials. Forward light scatter was quantified with a straylight meter. RESULTS. A significant increase was seen in the HOAs 1 minute after instillation of the three eyedrops for dry eye; the HOAs recovered to the baseline level thereafter. When 0.3% sodium hyaluronate was compared with 2% rebamipide and 3% diquafosol, the HOAs increased significantly (P < 0.01 for both comparisons) immediately after instillation. A significant increase in forward light scatter occurred 1 minute after instillation of rebamipide suspension and returned to the preinstillation level 5 minutes after instillation. No significant changes in forward light scatter occurred after instillation of 3% diquafosol or 0.3% sodium hyaluronate. CONCLUSIONS. Quantitative serial measurement of HOAs and forward light scatter showed that the temporal reduction in optical quality may be attributed mainly to increased HOAs after instillation of highly viscous 0.3% sodium hyaluronate ophthalmic solution and to increased forward light scatter after instillation of 2% rebamipide ophthalmic suspension in healthy subjects.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4927-4933
Number of pages7
JournalInvestigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2013
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  • Ophthalmology
  • Sensory Systems
  • Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience


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