Different distribution of Dukes' stage between proximal and distal colorectal cancer

Yoichi Ikeda, kazunari Akagi, Junko Kinoshita, Toru Abe, Mituhiro Miyazaki, Masaki Mori, Keizo Sugimachi

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Background/Aims: As different features of colorectal cancer between proximal and distal sites are influenced mainly by proximal shift and diagnostic improvement, a comparison of proximal and distal cancer sites may provide clues as to appropriate strategy for colorectal cancer treatment. Methodology: The clinicopatholpogical data on 676 patients with colorectal cancer was compared regarding the proximal and distal sites. Results: In cases of cancer without metastasis (Dukes' A or B), the incidence of Dukes' A was higher in the distal than in the proximal site (11.2%) vs. 24.3%), while the incidence of Duke's B was lower in the distal than the proximal site. In cases of cancer with metastasis (Duke's C or D), the incidence of Dukes' C and Dukes' D tumors was similar between proximal and distal sites. Conclusions: A large number of Dukes' A cancer in distal site may be slow growing with low metastatic potential.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1535-1537
Number of pages3
Issue number48
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2002
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