[Development of the role scale for municipal supervising public health nurses].

Yoko Hatono, Hiroko Suzuki, Naoko Masaki

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As public health nurses are becoming increasingly decentralized in municipalities, recommendations for allocating supervising public health nurses are being made. This study aimed to develop a scale for measuring the implementation of role of municipal supervising public health nurses and to test its reliability and validity. Scale items were developed using results of a qualitative inductive analysis of interview data, and the items were then revised following an examination of content validity by experts, resulting in a provisional scale of 17 items. A self-administered, written questionnaire was then completed by supervising public health nurses or public health nurses holding the most senior positions in all municipalities nationwide, with the exception of three prefectures in the Tohoku region (total 1,621 locations). In total, 1,036 responses were received, and 931 were used for analysis (valid response rate = 57.4%). Of these, 406 were completed by supervising public health nurses. After deleting one item as a result of item analysis and conducting principal component analysis, factor analysis was conducted using the major factor method and Promax rotation. One item with high loading on multiple factors was deleted, resulting in a scale comprising 15 items and 3 factors. The cumulative contribution ratio was 56.10%. The three factors were labeled "Promotion of health activities across the whole locality," "Coordination as a PHN role leader," and "Development of the skills of public health nurses". The reliability coefficient of the RMSP (Role Scale for Municipal Supervising Public Health Nurses) as a whole was 0.84 using the split-half method (Spearman-Brown formula) and 0.91 using Cronbach's alpha, confirming internal consistency. In terms of validity, an examination was conducted of the correlation of two RMSP scale scores (strength of awareness of role as a supervising public health nurse and confidence as a supervising public health nurse) and scores on existing scales assessing management abilities, and a significant correlation (P < 0.01) was obtained. Additionally, a comparison of the RMSP scores of decentralized local public health nurses according to rank and years of service in areas where there were no supervising public health nurses with the RMSP scores of supervising public health nurses showed that the scores of supervising public health nurses were higher. The developed scale was found to be reliable and valid for measuring the implementation of supervising public health nurses' role.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)275-284
Number of pages10
Journal[Nihon kōshū eisei zasshi] Japanese journal of public health
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - May 2013

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