Development of drug carriers for therapy of arterioscleosis

Kenjiro Ikuta, Takeshi Mori, Takuro Niidome, Hiroaki Shimokawa, Yoshiki Katayama

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    The vascular endothelium dysfunction often leads to a cardiovascular disease such as arteriosclerosis. Therefore, detection and evaluation of vascular endothelium disorder in early stage would be very important for the effective diagnosis and therapy. We found that the structural analogues of Evans Blue adsorb to a vascular endothelium denuded region. Thus, we synthesized a polymeric drug carrier which consisted of amphipathic polymer and sensing unit (Evans Blue analogue) and evaluated the characteristics of the polymeric carriers. And then a extracted porcine aorta which was removed endothelial cell in left half area was treated with the micelle solution to evaluate a targeting ability of the micelle.

    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages2
    Publication statusPublished - 2006
    Event55th Society of Polymer Science Japan Symposium on Macromolecules - Toyama, Japan
    Duration: Sept 20 2006Sept 22 2006


    Other55th Society of Polymer Science Japan Symposium on Macromolecules

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    • General Engineering


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