Decrease in venous irritation by adjusting the concentration of injected bendamustine

Hiroyuki Watanabe, Hiroaki Ikesue, Tomoko Tsujikawa, Kenichiro Nagata, Mayako Uchida, Kimitaka Suetsugu, Nobuaki Egashira, Tsuyoshi Muta, Koji Kato, Katsuto Takenaka, Saiji Ohga, Takamitsu Matsushima, Motoaki Shiratsuchi, Toshihiro Miyamoto, Takanori Teshima, Koichi Akashi, Ryozo Oishi

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Intravenous injection of bendamustine often causes venous irritation and also deteriorates the patient's quality of life. Thus, we evaluated the risk factors associated with venous irritation induced by bendamustine in patients with follicular lymphoma or mantle cell lymphoma. We also evaluated the effectiveness of intervention of changing the preparation procedure for bendamustine. All data were retrospectively collected from the electronic medical record system. In the initial analysis of the total 43 courses of bendamustine therapy, most patients (88%) were administered bendamustine with 250 mL of diluent according to the bendamustine package insert in Japan. The median concentration of bendamustine solution (0.56 mg/mL vs. 0.24 mg/mL) and the incidences of venous irritation (66% vs. 0%, p= 0.01) were significantly different between the patients receiving bendamustine at 250 mL and 500 mL of diluent. Based on this result, we proposed changing the final volume of bendamustine dissolution from 250 to 500 mL, which is recommended in other countries. After this intervention, the incidence of venous irritation was significantly reduced from 58 to 20% ( p= 0.02). The incidence of venous irritation increased in a concentration-dependent manner (≤0.40 mg/mL: 6%; 0.41-0.60 mg/mL: 62%, p<0.001; >0.60 mg/mL: 75%, p<0.001). We conclude that a high concentration bendamustine solution is a risk factor for venous irritation and that 500 mL of diluent is ideal. To further reduce the incidence of venous irritation, the concentration of bendamustine solution is recommended to be 0.40 mg/mL or less.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)574-578
Number of pages5
JournalBiological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2013

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  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmaceutical Science


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