Contribution of HLA class I and class II alleles to the regulation of antibody production to hepatitis B surface antigen in humans

Mari Mineta, Masako Tanimura, Takeshi Tana, Hans Yssel, Seizaburo Kashiwagi, Takehiko Sasazuki

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The HLA multigene family consists of HLA class I (HLA-A, B and C) and class II (HLA-DR, DQ and DP) genes, and plays a central role in the regulation of immune response. To investigate how each HLA gene and each HLA allele contribute to the human immune response, we immunized 339 healthy Japanese medical students with recombinant hepatitis a surface antigen (rHBsAg) and determined the HLA types of all vaccinated subjects at the DNA level. The anti-HBs antibody titers showed a log-normal distribution, implying that the immune response to HBsAg in humans is a multifactorial and continuous trait. A stepwise multiple regression analysis demonstrated the alleles at the HLA-class I (HLA-A and B) and class II (HLA-DRB1, DQA1, DQB1, DPA1 and DPB1) loci significantly contributed to antibody production to HBsAg. The predicting equation of anti-HBs antibody levels for individuals with any HLA phenotype was proposed based on a multiple regression analysis. The multiple correlation coefficient of antibody production to HBsAg with the HLA-DRB1 locus was highest (0.34) among all of the HLA loci, whereas those with whole HLA class I or class II loci were 0.36 or 0.44 respectively. The incorporated correlation coefficient of the presence of all HLA gene families with antibody production became 0.50, suggesting that HLA class I and class II loci within the HLA multigene family are dynamically involved in regulation of the immune response to HBsAg.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)525-531
Number of pages7
JournalInternational immunology
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1996
Externally publishedYes

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