Clustering Pre-equilibrium Model Analysis for Nucleon-induced Alpha-particle Spectra up to 200 MeV

S. Kunieda, T. Kawano, M. B. Chadwick, T. Fukahori, Y. Watanabe

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The clustering exciton model of Iwamoto and Harada is applied to the analysis of pre-equilibrium (N, xα) energy spectra for medium-to-heavy nuclei up to 200 MeV. In this work, we calculate alpha-particle formation factors without any approximations that appear in the original model. The clustering process is also considered in both the primary and second pre-equilibrium emissions. We optimize the exciton and the clustering model parameters simultaneously by looking at the experimental (N, xN) and (N, xα) energy spectra. The experimental alpha-particle spectra are well reproduced with a unique set of clustering model parameters, which is independent of incident neutrons/protons. The present analysis also implies that the clustering model parameter is not so different between the medium and heavy nuclei. Our calculations reproduce experimental data generally well up to the incident energy of ~150 MeV, but underestimations are seen above this energy.

Original languageEnglish
Article number09003
JournalEPJ Web of Conferences
Publication statusPublished - 2012
Event3rd International Workshop on Compound Nuclear Reactions and Related Topics, CNR 2011 - Prague, Czech Republic
Duration: Sept 19 2011Sept 23 2011

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