Cluster-suppressed plasma CVD for deposition of high quality a-Si:H films

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Correlation between microstructure parameter of a-Si:H films and cluster amount in silane discharges is revealed by using a cluster-suppressed plasma CVD method. The microstructure parameter Rα of a-Si:H films decreases below 0.003 with decreasing the cluster amount. A Schottky solar cell of a-Si:H films of Rα = 0.057 shows a high initial fill factor (FF) of 0.57 and high stabilized FF of 0.53. In addition, amount of clusters incorporated into a-Si:H films prepared for a discharge frequency f = 60 MHz is significantly low compared to those for f = 13.56, 40 MHz. These results suggest that the deposition of high quality a-Si:H films at a high rate can be realized by the cluster-suppressed plasma CVD method together with very high frequency discharges.

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JournalThin Solid Films
Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - Mar 3 2003
EventE-MRS, K - Strasbourg, France
Duration: Jun 18 2003Jun 21 2003

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