BDNF from microglia causes the shift in neuronal anion gradient underlying neuropathic pain

Jeffrey A.M. Coull, Simon Beggs, Dominic Boudreau, Dominick Boivin, Makoto Tsuda, Kazuhide Inoue, Claude Gravel, Michael W. Salter, Yves De Koninck

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Neuropathic pain that occurs after peripheral nerve injury depends on the hyperexcitability of neurons in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord 1-3. Spinal microglia stimulated by ATP contribute to tactile allodynia, a highly debilitating symptom of pain induced by nerve injury 4. Signalling between microglia and neurons is therefore an essential link in neuropathic pain transmission, but how this signalling occurs is unknown. Here we show that ATP-stimulated microglia cause a depolarizing shift in the anion reversal potential (Eanion) in spinal lamina I neurons. This shift inverts the polarity of currents activated by GABA (γ-amino butyric acid), as has been shown to occur after peripheral nerve injury 5. Applying brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) mimics the alteration in Eanion. Blocking signalling between BDNF and the receptor TrkB reverses the allodynia and the Eanion shift that follows both nerve injury and administration of ATP-stimulated microglia. ATP stimulation evokes the release of BDNF from microglia. Preventing BDNF release from microglia by pretreating them with interfering RNA directed against BDNF before ATP stimulation also inhibits the effects of these cells on the withdrawal threshold and Eanion. Our results show that ATP-stimulated microglia signal to lamina I neurons, causing a collapse of their transmembrane anion gradient, and that BDNF is a crucial signalling molecule between microglia and neurons. Blocking this microglia-neuron signalling pathway may represent a therapeutic strategy for treating neuropathic pain.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1017-1021
Number of pages5
Issue number7070
Publication statusPublished - Dec 15 2005

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