Axial distribution of cesium in heterogeneous FBR fuel pins

H. Furuya, S. Ukai, S. Shikakura, Y. Tsuchiuchi, K. Idemitsu

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The axial migration behavior of cesium was investigated in two kinds of axially heterogeneous (U, Pu)O2 fuel pins with different configurations of internal blanket position irradiated to $ ̃70 GWd/t. The axial distribution of cesium was measured nondestructively by a γ-ray intensity scanning and destructively by an electron probe microanalyzer. A reasonably good agreement between the experimental and analytical results was obtained by applying a model based on a two-stage process proposed by Adamson. The radial distribution could be explained by assuming a rapid migration down temperature gradient within the solid fuel. The evaporation-condensation process not only across the pellet-pellet interfaces, but also across cracks played an important role in the axial migration.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)46-53
Number of pages8
JournalJournal of Nuclear Materials
Issue numberC
Publication statusPublished - May 2 1993

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
  • Materials Science(all)
  • Nuclear Energy and Engineering


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