Actions of ZD0947, a novel ATP-sensitive K + channel opener, on membrane currents in human detrusor myocytes

M. Aishima, T. Tomoda, T. Yunoki, T. Nakano, N. Seki, Y. Yonemitsu, K. Sueishi, S. Naito, Y. Ito, N. Teramoto

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Background and purpose: ATP-sensitive K + channels (K ATP channels) play important roles in regulating the resting membrane potential of detrusor smooth muscle. Actions of ZD0947, a novel K ATP channel opener, on both carbachol (CCh)-induced detrusor contractions and membrane currents in human urinary bladder myocytes were investigated. Experimental approach: Tension measurements and patch-clamp techniques were utilized to study the effects of ZD0947 in segments of human urinary bladder. Immunohistochemistry was also performed to detect the expression of the sulphonylurea receptor 1 (SUR1) and the SUR2B antigens in human detrusor muscle. Key results: ZD0947 (≥ 0.1 μM) caused a concentration-dependent relaxation of the CCh-induced contraction of human detrusor, which was reversed by glibenclamide. The rank order of the potency to relax the CCh-induced contraction was pinacidil>ZD0947>diazoxide. In conventional whole-cell configuration, ZD0947 (≥ 0.1 μM) caused a concentration-dependent inward K + current which was suppressed by glibenclamide at -60 mV. When 1 mM ATP was included in the pipette solution, application of pinacidil or ZD0947 caused no inward K + current at -60 mV. Gliclazide (≤ 1 μM), a selective SUR1 blocker, inhibited the ZD0947-induced currents (K i = 4.0 μM) and the diazoxide-induced currents (high-affinity site, K i1 = 42.4 nM; low-affinity site, K i2 = 84.5 μM) at -60 mV. Immunohistochemical studies indicated the presence of SUR1 and SUR2B proteins, which are constituents of K ATP channels, in the bundles of human detrusor smooth muscle. Conclusions and Implications: These results suggest that ZD0947 caused a glibenclamide-sensitive detrusor relaxation through activation of glibenclamide-sensitive K ATP channels in human urinary bladder.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)542-550
Number of pages9
JournalBritish Journal of Pharmacology
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - Nov 21 2006

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  • Pharmacology


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