5,15-Diheteroporphyrins synthesized from α,α'dihalodipyrrin as a key building block

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    A facile synthesis of meso-aryl-substituted α,α'-dihalodipyrrins and their use as starting materials in the porphyrin synthesis have enabled creation of various porphyrin analogues containing heteroatoms at two opposite meso-positions, namely 5,15-positions. Incorporation of lone pair electrons into the 18π-electron aromatic conjugated system of porphyrin allows the system to attain antiaromaticity with unique optical and electrochemical properties. This review summarizes the recent development in the chemistry of 5,15-diheteroporphyrins synthesized from meso-aryl-substituted α,α'-dihalodipyrrins.

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    Publication statusPublished - 2020

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