Translator (Japanese to English) of scholarly and popular works related to contemporary Japanese architecture

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1. Igarashi Taro and Yamazaki Ryo, Architecture since 3.11: New Relationships between Society and Architects, Kyoto: Gakugei shuppansha, 2014 (with Thomas Daniell, 237 pp.)
2. Rem Koolhaas, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, and Kayoko Ota, eds. Project Japan: Metabolism Talks, Los Angeles: Taschen America, 2011 (with Thomas Daniell, 684 pp.)
3. Tadao Ando, Tadao Ando 0: Process and Idea, Tokyo: Toto Shuppan, 2010 (with Thomas Daniell, 320 pp.)
4. Kaya Oku, The Architecture of Gerrit Th. Rietveld, Tokyo: Toto Shuppan, 2009 (with Thomas Daniell, 312 pp.)
5. Tadao Ando, Tadao Ando 3: Inside Japan, Tokyo: Toto Shuppan, 2008 (with Thomas Daniell, 482 pp.)
6. Tadao Ando, Tadao Ando 2: Outside Japan, Tokyo: Toto Shuppan, 2008 (with Thomas Daniell, 408 pp.)
7. Keiichiro Sako and Hironori Matsubara, Realize: Emerging from China to the World 立脚中国展開世界, Tokyo: Gallery Ma, 2007 (with Thomas Daniell, 160 pp.)
8. Honeycomb Tube Architecture, Tokyo: Japan Architect, 2007 (with Thomas Daniell, 144 pp.)
9. Tadao Ando, Tadao Ando 1: Houses & Housing, Tokyo: Toto Shuppan, 2007 (with Thomas Daniell, 400 pp.)
10. Manabu Chiba, Rule of the Site, Tokyo: Toto Shuppan, 2006 (with Thomas Daniell, 255 pp.)
11. Hidetoshi Ohno and Shinkenchikusha, eds., Tokyo 2050 Fiber City: Ohno Hidetoshi (Japan Architect 63, Autumn 2006), Tokyo: Shinkenchikusha (with Thomas Daniell, 123 pp.)
12. Masaki Shizuga, ed., Kazuhiro Kojima + Kazuko Akamatsu / CAt (Japan Architect 61, Spring 2006), Tokyo: Shinkenchikusha (with Thomas Daniell, 136 pp.)
13. Shuichi Matsumura and Noriaki Hayakawa, eds., SUR Sustainable Urban Regeneration, Volume 03, Action Studies in Asian Cities, Tokyo: Center for Sustainable Regeneration, The University of Tokyo, 2006 (with Thomas Daniell, 66 pp.)
14. Takeshi Ishido et al., eds., Contemporary Japanese Houses, 1985-2005, Tokyo: Toto Shuppan, 2005 (pp.434-444, pp.449-458, and pp.466-480)
15. Hidetoshi Ohno, ed., Towards the Fiber City: An Investigation of Sustainable City Form, Tokyo: MPF Press, Ohno Laboratory, the University of Tokyo, 2004 (with Thomas Daniell, 143 pp.)
16. Albert Ferré, Tomoko Sakamoto, Michael Kubo, eds., The Yokohama Project, Foreign Office Architects, Barcelona: Actar, 2002 (with Thomas Daniell, 319 pp.)
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